Then God said to Solomon, “You have the right attitude. You did not ask for long life and riches for yourself. You did not ask for the death of your enemies. You asked for the wisdom and knowledge so that you can make the right decisions. So, I will give you wisdom and knowledge, but I will also give you wealth, riches, and honor. No king who lived before you has ever had so much wealth and honor, and no king in the future will have as much wealth and honor” (2 Chronicles 1:11-12 ERV).

Successful people establish a list of priorities each day. What are the things you really need to fulfill your destiny? We spend our time with easy things which require little or no effort to complete but do not move us toward our destiny. Or, we spend our time putting out fires, responding to crisis that occur. While we understand that these things happen, we cannot spend our time focused on things that do not move us toward destiny. Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge so that he could fulfill his role as King of Israel. Solomon put first things first. What needs to be first in your life so that you can fulfill your destiny?

Lord, help me to know your priorities for my day. Let me see Your priority for me today and give me strength to spend today with that in mind.

Midweek Reflection
What has the Lord shown you about your priorities? Ask the Lord to give you strength to continue making His priorities your priorities.