“We must be more careful to follow what we were taught. We must be careful so that we will not be pulled away from the true way” (Hebrews 2:1 ERV).

If your heart ever grows cold toward God and you choose to no longer walk in faith, you will most likely do this a little at a time. You would let a few days slip by without allowing God to help you to make any course corrections. You probably won’t check your spiritual compass and you won’t drop your anchor deep into the Word of God. That’s how drifting begins. We are not anchored in the Word of God. Each day, we choose to anchor ourselves in the Word of God to prevent drifting into culture. The Word of God exhorts us to be careful to follow what we were taught. Paying attention to the truth of God’s Word and allowing that truth to be your compass is the way to drop your anchor deep. When you do that, no matter how difficult life’s storms are, no matter how high the waves rise and no matter how hard the waves crash, you will not fail. You will remain anchored.


Lord, I thank you for Your Word that anchors my life. Help me today to remain steady. Help me to adjust my compass to Your compass for me so that I am not pulled away from the truth.

Midweek Reflection

What storms are confronting you this week? Where are the waves of life crashing against you trying to pull you away from the truth? Ask the Lord to help you, through your times of prayer and study of His Word, to drop your anchor deeper.