“God has been kind to you. He has been very patient, waiting for you to change” (Romans 2:4 ERV).

God’s agenda for you today is the same as it was yesterday: to make you more like Jesus. From the beginning, God’s agenda was to shape our lives into the image of Jesus.  God… decided that we would be like his Son. (Romans 8:29).

Jesus felt no guilt. God wants you to live guilt free. Jesus did not have bad habits. God wants to help you to get rid of yours. Jesus faced, with courage, situations designed to create fear. God wants to give you courage for each day. Jesus knew the difference between right and wrong and always chose what was right, God wants you to know the same. Jesus served others and gave His life for the lost; God wants you to learn to serve others. God’s desire, His plan is to make you into the image of Jesus Christ, His son.


Father, I thank you for Jesus Christ, the pattern for my life. Help me today to make choices that agree with your Word, the Bible. I submit to Your design for my life.


What are some areas of your life where you are resisting God’s pattern of shaping your life into the image of Jesus Christ? Ask the Lord to help you to surrender these resistant areas.