“I tell him my problems; I tell him about my troubles” (Psalm 142:2).

What should you do when disappointment, rejection, illness or setbacks happen? How should you respond when all you can feel is pain or hurt? Pray your pain out. Pray until you are beyond the pain. Pound the table if you must. March up and down in your home if you must. Are you angry at God because something you thought would happen didn’t? Did someone die that you prayed would live? Did you lose your job? Disappointed with God’s choices for you? Let Him know. God will not turn away at your anger. Jesus offered up prayers with “loud cries and tears” (Hebrews 5:7 ERV). Push beyond the pain in prayer. Words might seem hollow, and empty at first. You might be at a loss for words or coherency. Keep praying; keep pushing. Don’t quit. Don’t hide. God knows you are in pain and is ready and willing to heal you.


Lord, I acknowledge my pain and frustration. The circumstances have overwhelmed me. I choose to pour out my pain right here, right now. I receive your healing. Even though I don’t understand why this has happened, I trust You with my life.

Midweek Reflection

Is there any residual pain left in you? What are those areas? Keep pushing in prayer until you are beyond the pain.