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Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

Global Outreach Ministries is an outreach based organization committed to advancing the kingdom through regional worship gatherings, preaching the message of the Kingdom of God and ministering to the whole man. We endeavor to transform and impact communities through strengthening families in spiritual and practical ways. As part of our efforts to strengthen families, we are committed to addressing issues experienced by men through ministry to the whole man. We endeavor to help generations to find their kingdom identity and leadership capacity. The Church of Jesus Christ is apostolic in nature, thus our commitment to “send” laborers into communities for maximum Kingdom
impact through practical expressions of caring and serving. Global Outreach not only ministers to the needs within the local/universal Body of Christ but also to the broken, unsaved, and unloved in our neighboring communities. Jesus always ministered to the needs of the people. Following the example of Jesus’ ministry, our various outreaches are the expansion of ministries from the four walls of the church building into communities. These outreach ministries vary in their assignments and services, but as a whole work together to carry out the “Great Commission” and provide an opportunity to share the message of the Kingdom of God.